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11 May 1988
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Laii. 23. Half Vietnamese, Half Caucasian Mutt. Dragon Taurus. Apples. Raspberries. Lemons. Rain. Green. Pink. Black. Brown. Blue. Cirque du Soliel. Disney.

Douglas Adams. Terry Prachett. Piers Antony. Anne Bishop. Alexandre Dumas. Robert Jordan. JK Rowling. Sara Douglass. Elizabeth Hayden.

Television and Movies
Firefly. Stargate Atlantis. Stargate SG-1. Battlestar Galactica. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel. The Lone Gunmen. Farscape. Torchwood. Doctor Who. Sarah Jane Adventures. Heroes. Eureka. Robin Hood. Chuck. Gossip Girl. Pushing Daises. House MD. Sailor Moon. Veronica Mars. GateKeepers. Red Dwarf. Futurama. Red Green Show. Star Trek.
Serenity. Princess Bride. V for Vendetta. Practical Magic. Lord of the Rings. Star Wars. Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy. Accepted. House of Flying Daggers. The Fifth Element. Finding Neverland. Hocus Pocus. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Merlin. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Wizard of Oz. Murder by Death. Done the Impossible.

Blog Crews
I am [Serenity] -- The Firefly Blog Crew
I am [Miles O'Brien] -- The Star Trek Blog Crew
Jack's crazy mind crabs from AWE The POTC Blog Crew
I am [Jinto] -- The Stargate Blog Crew
Sailor Moon ♥♥♥ Sailor Mars/Hino Rei
I am [Royston White] -- The Robin Hood Blog Crew


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