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movie blather

This makes me giggle I mean seriously? Zack and Miri Make a Prono looks hilarious, and I understand I come from a ridiculously conservative state, but I think banning the movie from theatres is a bit much.

Speaking of movies, I saw SexDrive when I was home over "Harvest Holiday". It was great! I only went to see it to see Seth Green as a passive-aggressive Amish Man, and the movie was so much better than that. Granted there's no real plot depth or character development. It's very simple: boy is virgin, boy drives across states to get laid, best friends tag along, wacky mayhem ensues. You all should go see it for a laugh. :) Sup, English! and also - Panic at the Disco! is in it... And Seth Green mocks them!
Haha, that's so dumb. They show Saw and Grindhouse and all that crap, but OMG SEX COMEDY OHNOZ. They're already in trouble with the production company that put out Brokeback for pulling it last minute. I hope L.Miller ends up pissing off all of them. Just make it a PG-13orbetter place so that you're not BIAS AS HELL. *grumblemutter*

Ahhhh. I really want to see it. Thanks for the recommend.