The Last of the Time Lords


It was good. I liked it. Don't get me wrong. But... not full of squee like "Utopia"

the whole Doctor God thing was slightly ridiculous. I actually stopped knitting to say WTF. Having the whole Jones family (EXCEPT FOR LEO! What happened to Leo?! And Annalise? Doesn't she care about her "sugar daddy"?) working was a nice touch.

Words as weapons! Right on!

I am pissed about the little told about Lucy Saxon. I would have thought there would have been more to her other than a human who lets herself get beaten by her husband.

Jack = Face of Boe? Say what?!

Dobby!Doctor (Stolen from purpleprimate) is a weird thing. Especially with all the wardrobe malfunctions. I can see why they made him age and age until he's tiny, but I would have liked to see him lose his mind, even as a distraction.

Martha/Pediatric Doctor(I cant remember his name to save my life) = OTP :)

bah... wish it would have been better...
back to knitting
Lucy Saxon. Should have died in SOD, to save us the walking zombie in this episode. Did she even have a line? One single line?

Martha/Pediatric Doctor. This could work, if she stays there and occasionally helps a la brigidier. But no, they'll show her running off again the moment the Doc snaps his fingers. Oh for the female character who can stand up to the doc without dissolving into a puddle of squee! good
Lucy Saxon No lines. Not at all. Just a few actions: grabbing his coat, kissing him, and shooting him. I was all excited that she was going to have some special thing after they zoomed in on her crossed fingers in SOD.

Martha has her head screwed on tight enough that she was able to walk away from him, but you're right. He'll snap his fingers and there she'll be... silly girl. *tsk tsk*
I really loved season finale. Granted, it was no Utpoia, but I didn't expect it to be. I thought RTD hit a lot of right notes in the writing.

Although, Lucy was way underused. And I knew she was going to either betray or kill The Master 'cause of all those "looks" she kept giving the camera. Just to be a little nit picky, she did have lines in the finale. She had that whole speech about what Utopia looked like when she and The Master arrived.

I thought Leo escaped during SOD? I guess they never found him.

Jack as the Face of Boe, priceless...shock and awe, but who knows for sure if they really are the same?
oh! I might have missed her lines then. Lucy could have been so much more interesting though. I wish they had used her. Same with Leo. And you'd think that if the Master was trying to get the Jones family together to use against Martha, he'd get the whole family.
EXCEPT FOR LEO! What happened to Leo?!
I wondered the same thing. This character feels like it was put there and then forgotten entirely.

Words as weapons! Right on!
Loved that too. Might have been my favourite bit.

I am pissed about the little told about Lucy Saxon.
So am I though I'm hoping she's the one who picked up the ring. And maybe her killing him was their plan all along and she'll resuscitate him or something. Of course, he won't look like John Simm so I don't know why I bother doing all this fan-wanking.

wish it would have been better...