The Sound of Drums

Well here we go! Team!Tardis using Jack's watchy time travel thingy. [Time lapse for real life to catch up with me]
Random tappings. Pst Doctor hint here for ya :P Hooray! The Master is Prime Minister of Great Britain. *snork* and his wife.
"see Doctor. I'm looking right at you and saying this to you" is what the Master is saying. LOL

Opening Credit Dance

Is that Martha's sister? Oh! It is! heehee I love the way he said Tish. And Flirting much? Oh that's right! Downing Street blew up like way back when. Nice to see how it was addressed. *SNORK* Master addressing humans and his faces!!!!

"Why are you wearing a gas mask?" "Uh, cause I can duhface" *Thumbs up* and random tapping noise.

Man, this lady reporter is smart. "Faithful companion" huh. Interesting words. and Harold Saxon didn't exist until 18 months ago. WTF metal balls?! What the hell? Slightly freaky. Are wood doors supposed to be that sound proof? I don't think so! EVERYTHING ENDS?! Good god! Explain the drumming soon! [Time lapse for more real life... urgh I'm going to have to rewatch this...]

Man that ring is huge... And wifey crosses her fingers.... RANDOM METAL BALL. HAHA bomb. And I love how it's that cartoony look as well. Whoo Go Martha for standing up against the doctor. [RAWR Let me watch my Doctor WHO!]

Dude... Saxon has got Martha's family against them. That's crazy smart! So, we got Dad, Mom, and Tish. What about Leo and Annalee (is that her name? the Dad's girlfriend) And what about Leo's "family"? And while the Doctor is talking to the Master on the phone... what's Martha and Jack doing? *suggestive eye waggle* If the Time Lords resurrected the Master, does that mean he have all 13 lives back? or just these 2? HAHAH Doctor/Master slash HAHAHAH "Are you asking me out on a date?"
Tap a tap tap. Drumming. ooooooh lame mystery... RUN *giggle* hahah Teletubbies made Doctor Who! crack!fic plz! The neverending darkness? The terrible cold?

OH! Gallifrey all digitized. and more Gallifrey history. Nice, but Ten is a bit too emo!reminiscing. haha Torchwood theme song! and TW rebuilt in honor of the doctor.

Holy Random with the Valiant. But seriously?! a flying runway?
And the TARDIS :) but omg cannibalized TARDIS :( the poor gal. paradox machine... *snerk* food. First grits and now Jelly baby. and the Master senses the Doctor and suddenly his head is back again hahaha.
:O Laser screwdriver instead of sonic. OMG aging the Doctor!

Here come the drums here come the drums! I love the rockish techno music!

and when they all go to Earth, was anyone else reminded of the Star Wars theme song?

[AND rewatching so I can watch uninterrupted]

All in all, it's a good episode. I find it a bit slower than before, mostly because of the last episode. There were definitely some good moments but not my favorite. The tapping got to be a bit redundant, but it helped drive the point home. I did like all nods to past episodes. And this was definitely Martha's time to shine. FInally we get the strong female character standing out against the Doctor.

1)What's the deal with the metal balls? Will they get explained to us in the next episode?
2)Is there more significance to the Archangel network besides the cell phone tapping? That's a huge project for just one little campaign.
3)WOOD DOORS ARE NOT SOUND PROOF. What else is in that room then
4)Why does wifey cross her fingers? What does it mean?
5)Paradox Machine?!
6)Where did the 4th metal ball come from to kill the President? Only 3 originally appeared or did all 4?
and when they all go to Earth, was anyone else reminded of the Star Wars theme song?
Ah! So I wasn't the only one. I got quite a few Star Wars moment in this ep (the Time Lord society has my mind jumping to the jedis automatically) especially towards the end, with the poster or what-have-you that's behind the Master's head at one point on the Valiant and that looks like the Death Star (I believe it might be a drawing of the Troclafene), the music, the lasers, etc...

3)WOOD DOORS ARE NOT SOUND PROOF. What else is in that room then
I didn't think about that... I just assumed that it was 10 Downing Street and that everything was soundproofed for security/confidentiality reasons.

4)Why does wifey cross her fingers? What does it mean?
I wondered the same thing! What was that about? And for that matter, what the hell is SHE about??